Ok. Let’s Have Some Fun

Last Updated on: 12th July 2013, 02:39 pm

Well that last post was kinda depressing and so let’s move on with something a little bit more fun. I’ll give you some very brief background and then ask for some help.

Here at work I share a desk with a man who, is quite possibly, the most ignorant person to ever walk this planet. I’m sure you’ll take that as an exaduration but the few of you who have met him, will back me up. The man is truley just an all ’round asshole. He treats everyone in the office like his own personal slave, he parks in the handicap spot, he stands in the middle of the main work area yelling and swearing in to his cell phone rather than stepping outside or at least toning it back. The man is truley a dick and the only reason he still has a job here is because he kisses ass like no one I’ve ever seen to one of the owners. That said… I’m left with the unenviable task of sharing a desk with the supreme shit head. He uses the speaker phone while I try to work, he slams desk drawers in to my desk and he swears and mutters under his breath along with many other irritating and ignorant trates. Here’s where you come in.

I wanna se this man made a fool of, at least one time. Nothing serious. Just a small annonomous prank so that the entire office can see this man get brought down a peg or two. Something to his chair, something to some of his paperwork. Something small. Anybody out there got any neat little ideas no how to knock this steaming pile off of his pedistol? I bet Karine does. She strikes me as a total bad-ass. lol.

Thanks, Guys.

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