Seriously. This Scares The Shit Out Of Me

Last Updated on: 12th May 2013, 01:27 pm

On the news this morning they’re talking about a brawl that took place outside a highschool last night at about 9:30pm. (just as night classes were letting out)

Now, that in itself isn’t all that scarey as school yard brawls aren’t completely uncommon in a big city like Toronto. What’s scarey is the fact that every person involved was armed, and armed heavily and there were about NINETY PEOPLE involved.

The reports say that these kids were carrying knives, sticks, chains and even swords. Personally, I’m not sure where you come across a fight-ready sword these days but that’s beside the point. Well maybe it’s not. Who goes to a brawl these days with a sword knowing you have to get within 5 feet of the person to hit them when chances are they could just shoot you while you’re coming towards them…. well anyway.

One teen is dead and 3 others are in hospital with serious injuries following this insident.

Violence in schools no longer seems to be a problem in this city. Seems like the problem is more the violence just outside of the schools.

Really, this isn’t a subject to made light of but I can’t help but wonder what would start something like this. I mean it clearly has to be gang related. I mean that many people don’t just leave school and see a fight, pull out the 16th century jousting sword they keep in their back-packs and decide to join in. I guess it could have been drug related but that seems like an awfully large number of people to have been involved if it were over a drug deal gone bad. I’d also say that this was pre-planned by both sides a long time ago as the masses were so large. A fight doesn’t just start between 2 people and eventually lead to 90 people fighting on two clearly divided sides.

It’s scarey to think that leaving a night class I could come across a huge brawl like this. This will only fuel angry parents demmanding up security in their schools. Even if these people had nothing to do with the school (which has not been termined yet) there will once again be a huge serge of demmand for dress codes and things of that nature in school to keep kids “safer”.

I really have no conclusion for this as it’s something that I’m sure will continue for some time now.

Be Safe

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