People I Don’t Feel Sorry For

Last Updated on: 14th September 2022, 06:09 pm

The longer you spend in this world and the more you observe about it, the more you realize that there are certain groups of people who don’t deserve your sympathy. Certain groups of people who you shouldn’t have to be nice to, people who simply exist for you to ridicule and for other’s to take advantage of. Not that I condone taking advantage of people, but when whatever God you happen to believe in if any has made it so simple, sometimes it’s hard to help. Here are just a couple classes of people who have obviously been beaten relentlessly with a stupid stick.

1. People who fall for telephone, mail and email scams.

Ok, we’ve all gotten them at one time or another. The letters that show up in your mail telling you that “you may already be a winner” or other such nonsense. The ones that go on to tell you that if you’ll simply give them all manner of your personal information and send them a small fee, you’ll be entered into a draw and will win big, or better yet, that you’ve already won and all it’ll take is your personal details and a processing fee of some kind.

The email from the esteemed Doctor Bababubbubbubbaahbooboo of the Nigerian Office Of Diplomatic Rectal Surgery claiming that for whatever reason, probably a botched procedure, that his family and fortune are in danger and he needs your help. If you want to help him, all you need to do is reply and indicate your interest, and giving him your bank account number so he’s got someplace to stash the cash would help too. In return for your generosity and compassion, you’ll get to keep a wackload of the fortune.

Or those telemarketing calls you get from somebody happily informing you that you’ve won the Deviant Electronics Birthday Dildo Lottery and that if you’ll simply provide your credit details or call the 1-900 number to pay the processing fee, (which really isn’t as large and overdone as it sounds by the way,) you’ll be sent your big money payoff.

Now most of us, at least I like to think it’s most of us, see this stuff for what it is and hang up the phone, delete the email, or throw the junk in the trash. But sadly, these scams are able to rake in millions of dollars every year. And why? Because people are idiots. When you fall for something as stupid as this, you stop being a victim and commence being a retard. It’s pretty simple logic actually. Somebody shoots you, you’re a victim, you can’t stop them. You get robbed, you’re a victim, you’re being intimidated and for the sake of your life it might be best to cough up the goods. You get raped, victim. You’re most likely being overpowered and you’ve probably got either a knife or a gun being held to you in a threatening manner. You send the Nigerian guy your banking info, you’re a retard. End of story, end of argument.

Then these people have the balls to go on the news to tell their stories and expect people to feel sorry for them. A lot of people do, but not me. Come on, why should I? Most of you have seen these things. They’re so obviously scams that they’re laughed at or ignored by just about everybody. In fact there are entire websites that exist for the soul purpose of writing back to the scammers and fucking with them. So how is it then that a person in his or her right mind could fall for these things? It’s simple. They don’t. Idiots fall for them and idiots are not in their right mind because most times they don’t have a right mind to be in. The only people I feel sorry for when this happens though are the older people. Some of them just legitimately don’t know better. That’s sad and anybody who can do that to an old person with a clear conscience is a fucking scumbag. Kind of makes you rethink the validity of that old saying the older the wiser, but that’s not the point.

The only thing I can’t figure out is if these people are genetically stupid or if they suffer from what I like to call monetary stupidity. I’m guessing that the answer is somewhere in the middle. You have to have something wrong with you to let your guard down like that, and the thought of all that money being yours is enough to push some people over the edge and convince them to throw all sense out the window. But whatever kind of stupid you are, you’re still stupid.

2. College kids who die because of hazing rituals and the people who feel sad about it.

The media loves this stuff. “College students running wild” they call it. Or “kids out of control.” Whatever it is, it’s all a buzz phrase for “your kid is a fuckup and deserved what he got.”

Now I know that sometimes the poor student doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter, like one guy that a friend told me about who was pretty much taken out of the dorm and dumped out in the middle of a new city and expected to find his way home with 2 bucks in his pocket. That’s different. That’s almost what you’d consider harmless teen fun. All he had to do was take the bus home and no, he didn’t die. It’s a mean prank, but nobody got hurt.

What I’m talking about here are the kids who decide to pledge a fraternity or enter a drinking contest. I was watching Inside edition the other night and they had a story about a new trend that is “killing kids.” It seems that kids are allowing other kids to funnel gallons of water down their throats as part of some sort of an initiation ritual. This, as you are hopefully aware, is not very smart and certainly not something that a bright and well respected college student would do. Which is why I’m convinced that it’s not the bright and well respected students who are dying from that sort of shit. You don’t have to pledge to the Fraternity. You can see what they want you to do and say “fuck that, I’m living off campus.” Come to think of it, that’s probably what the smart ones do. Do people really need acceptance that bad? If so, that’s pretty pathetic and if you’re one of those people, you probably don’t have much of a future especially if you’re dumb enough to drown yourself in the name of living in a fucking house. That’s all a fraternity is, it’s a fucking house. Get over it.

I’m sure some of you out there reading this right now are thinking that I’m the biggest unfeeling asshole on the face of the earth for saying some of this stuff, and if being an unfeeling asshole involves telling people the truth even if it’s a harsh one, then you’d be right. It’s just that some people don’t deserve my sympathy, so I’m not giving it to them. Why be nice about it?

Since the commenting is still broken, you can send any feedback on this to me here. I’m not going too far in the next little while so I’m sure if your comments are good they’ll find their way up here. Maybe I’ll even put up the stupid ones just to further illustrate my point.

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