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Last Updated on: 18th September 2013, 08:35 am

Good Day to you all,

Well, I just did some online ordering from and I must say that I am most displeased. It’s very rare that I do anything online that has to do with my money as there are just too many things that can go wrong. Lately, I’ve become more adventerous though making a few smaller purchases. But for anything big I tend to do it in person or with my credit card over the phone.

But today I figured I would book online with my Visa. So I go through the hole song and dance with the event and number of tickets and move on to the next stage with no major problems. Then I go through and put in all my mailing information and we’re still in good shape as we move to the next page. I put in all my credit card information. Now at this point you click on a button that says “Buy Tickets Now”. Above this button is IN BOLD LETTERS a quote that says the following. “Upon clicking this link, your credit card will be charged and there will be NO refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.”. Well that’s ok, right? I mean I want these tickets. So I click….

“An Error Has Occurred.”

What? What the fuck? What error? This is my credit card and my MONEY we’re talking about here. I don’t want ANY errors. So I try to refresh the screen….

“This page cannot be refreshed as it has expired.”

FUCK!!!! So, here’s where I stand. I’ve just given information and permission for them to rip $200.00 out of my pocket but have no idea if they’ve done it or not. At that point, a confirmation page should have appeared…. but none did. I should have received a confirmation e-mail…. but I didn’t. Well of course I didn’t. That e-mail is triggered by the display of the Confirmation page in your browser which, as well all know, NEVER APPEARED!!!

So, by this time, I’m cursing the internet and my computer up and down. If I click over and do this again there’s a chance I will end up with TWO sets of tickets for the same event which is, not only, pointless, but also, not gonna be good for my bank account. But! If I do not do it again and wait the seven days that they say my tickets will show up in and do not get them the event will be sold out and I will not be going, and neither will the good people who put their faith in me to get these tickets for us. (they had no choice, I’m the only one with a visa but still…)

So I sit in anger at my desk wondering where to go from here. I decide to call these people. I use the “Back” button on the browser to go to the page which shows me what seats I was going to end up with figuring that between having that info, and all my credit card info the people at the Ticket agency will be able to tell me if the purchase went through or not. Well….. it’s not that simple apparently.

“I’m sorry sir. We’re not permitted to give you that information.”

WHAT???? You’re not permitted to tell me if I JUST BOUGHT TICKETS FROM YOU?????

“Sir. Please calm down. We can’t tell you because we have no way to know if it is you or someone else who may want to know where you are.”

I HAVE the credit card information here to prove it.

“Sir, you could have stolen the credit card or the info. We have no way to know if you are the legal card holder or a thief.”

What difference does it make? If I’m a theif, I’m the same damn one that just bought tickets now tell me if my crime spree was successful or not!

“Sir, your attitude does not help the situation. I will pass you on to my manager.”

Please do.

So after speaking with the manager for another 15 minutes we finally worked something out and he was able to tell me that the purchase did not go through and help me get set up with better seats than I would have originally gotten so I suppose in the end things turned out alright… but it was a long long trip to get to that destination.

I Hate Computers

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