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Last Updated on: 10th October 2013, 11:24 am

Welcome to Thursday. I’m Steve, otherwise known as the member of the Vomit Comet staff who can spell. Unfortunately, I’m also still the member of the Vomit Comet staff with the flu, and the one with a wonky computer. One of those problems seems to be fixed now but sadly, it ain’t the flu. Oh well, at least while I’m stuck here wasting away I’ll have a computer to use.

My computer and I have this love hate relationship going on, kind of like Matt and a spellchecker. It sucks. I’m always super nice to this damn thing and I’m constantly doing things to it to make sure it runs properly and that it’s secure from any sort of pests getting into it. In return for my kindness, all I expect from it is that it will behave at a level close to stable. When you’re dealing with a Windows computer you can’t expect much, what can I say? Most of the time, it’s pretty cool to me, especially after I bought it more ram. It doesn’t crash much on average, I’ve never had any sort of serious failures, and I can pretty much trust it to do everything I need it to do. But then there are times like yesterday when it just goes insane on me for no reason. Seriously, I couldn’t do much of anything without something causing an error in something else that I couldn’t explain. They’re the kind of errors that you never have and can’t figure out why you’re having, but the ones that just serve to generally piss you off and mess up everything. So you set about trying to do everything in your power to figure them out, before eventually giving up and running every system maintenance tool you have, taking up about 12 hours of your time…and finding nothing. But then, just as suddenly as the problems started, they’re gone. I hate computers.

But on to other topics. Right now on the front page of
Salty Ham
there is a poll asking what new feature you would most like to see added to the site. Go there and give us your opinion, because if you don’t vote, you don’t count. It’s not like you have to write a big essay on the benefits of having more movie reviews either, all you have to do is click a button to pick your choice. Go there, do that, come back, I’ll wait.

Ok, are we all back on the bus now? Good.

I’m not sure what sort of story Matt is writing, but I’m looking forward to seeing it. I just hope it’s in English. Seriously, I’m sure it’s going to be good so keep checking back to see what that’s all about.

Thanks again to
for hooking us up with a new commenting service for the site. Hopefully we’ll have that all up and running in the next few days or so. I would also like to encourage all of you not to use Squawkbox to handle your commenting needs, because as we found out they try to strongarm you into paying way too much for shitty service. Fuck them and the horse they rode in on. The new one will be much nicer, and much cheaper. Just the fact that the free one has more features than the paid Squawkbox, and that the paid version of what we’re going to be using is about 20 dollars cheaper and you don’t even have to give them that much makes me feel a lot better.

Ok, this post has no real point to it so I’m ending it now. I’ll try to come up with something else for later on and I’m sure Matt will be back with something at some point. If we’re lucky, maybe it’ll even be something that doesn’t suck. Hey, a man can dream.

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