This Is Good?

Last Updated on: 21st April 2015, 01:55 pm

I’m not sure how much attention any of you pay to the radio but if you listen with any sort of attentiveness you’ve probably heard those little blurbs that come on every now and then telling you who owns the station you’re listening to. The ones that say something like, “you’re listening to CFAG FM, A Clear Channel Communications company.” They’re pretty forgettable I’ll admit but I’ve noticed a new one on some stations recently that’s a little bit different. All it says is “your radio station is a standard radio station.” Just think about that for a second. How many people are going to know what that means? I do because I follow the industry a little bit and I’ve heard of Standard Radio Group but I’m pretty sure that for the average Joe Public, that isn’t going to mean much, other than that well, it’s a standard radio station, just like the rest of them.

Now who’s going to hear that and think thank God, a standard radio station! Finally something different! That and it just sounds stupid. They might as well just redo the whole thing so it sounds something like this.

“While all those other radio stations are falling all over themselves trying to win you over with the most music, the best variety and the hottest mix, we’re just like, here and stuff, because your radio station is a standard radio station and well, we really don’t care that much.”

Considering the state that radio is in these days for the most part, I wouldn’t be bragging about being standard. Seriously, somebody should be fired for that ad and somebody else should be fired for letting it slip through.

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