Turns Out The Old Saying About Bringing A Knife To A Gunfight Is Probably True

I’m not a big fan of guns in general. Unless you’re planning to shoot something for the purposes of eating it or protecting something that’s going to be eaten later, I don’t feel like there are many good reasons for needing one. But that’s not to say that they absolutely never have a purpose. Now and then a gun in the right place at the right time can be quite helpful. Just the other day, for instance, two well placed ones managed to possibly save some lives, help get a deserving fellow arrested and entertain us all at once.

Christopher Raymond Hill, 36, was arrested after police say he grabbed an entire cash register from the store and fled while dressed in bright orange.
Hill first tried to steal a Ford SUV, abandoned that effort when the vehicle wouldn’t start, and then asked a random person near a Supercuts for a ride, according to the report. When the driver refused, Hill allegedly cut him on the hands and leg. The driver then pointed his pistol at Hill and scared him off, the report stated.
In the second carjacking attempt, Hill targeted a woman in line at a Starbucks drive-through, but she also scared him off with a pistol she had in her trunk, police said.

At that point, Hill decided to stop taking his chances with the public or with even trying to make a getaway at all. He hid in the Supercuts bathroom and was soon arrested by some other guys with guns.

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