Public Service Announcement From Your Friends At VomitComet

Last Updated on: 2nd November 2013, 11:31 am

In these difficult times of poor visibility, bad road conditions and heavy traffic in the GTA it is necessary to keep a steady state of mind. Understand that, as upset as you are, as frustrated as you are, as in a hurry as you are on that highway to get to work… so is every other person in every other car that surrounds you.

That guy that just pulled in to your lane just ahead of you without signalling, just about causing an accident so he can say he was off the highway 15 seconds before you were is in just as big of a rush as you to get to work. It’s important to find techniques for dealing with these frustrations. We here at Vomit Comet are here to help.

When you feel the slightest inkling, the slightest twinge, even the slightest desire to stick your head out the window and flip the guy off while screaming prophanities regarding his mother’s carriage please remember all that we’ve said. That people are in the same rush as you. We here at Vomit Comet suggest that when these urges rush over you you allow them to take over. I mean… the guy just cut you off, right?

Get that window open good and wide, get your head as far out there as possible so this prick can hear you and let him know what you think, speak of your intimate goings-on with his significant other, speak of your opinions of his father, speak of the unproved truth that the people he calls parents are actually so, give a reach back and hurl that ice scraper in your back seat down and see if you can help chip some ice off of his windshield.

These are all very healthy things to help you relieve stress. I mean, you don’t know the guy, right? So what harm could it possibly do? This way you’ll be in a great mood and won’t take out your frustrations on your friends and co-workers. There’s nothing wrong with having complete strangers feel the wrath of your road rage.

Remember. We here at VomitComet Co. are here for you. These helpful tips should help us all live a better life.

Take Care of Yourselves… And Those You Know And To Hell With Everyone Else.

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