>Lights, Camera, Guilty!

>We didn’t know the names Joshua VanSlyke, Anthony VanSlyke or Gregory Williams when we built theMaster Criminalssection, but they were exactly the type of fellas we had in mind at the time.

Here they areproviding running commentary as they head over to a buddy’s house…to rob the guy. Not even the clear sound of sirens and the statement that there are cops all over the place were enough to stop them, they were still gonna pull this off.

Guess what. They didn’t quite pull it off. Surprising I know.

All 3 are headed for trials after turning down plea deals that would have netted them each 21 months in custody and 3 years probation.

Here’s a description of some of the action in the video, thanks toThe Smoking Gun.

In the incriminating videos, Williams is seen wearing a black t-shirt, Anthony VanSlyke has on a black and white hoodie, while his brother Joshua wears a grey “Zoo York” hoodie.

In the first clip, the men discuss how they will use a screwdriver to pry the hinges off the door. In the second clip, they speak about the possibility of encountering a security system at the targeted residence. As police sirens can be heard in the background of the third clip, one man remarks, “We don’t give a fuck.” Finally, the fourth clip shows Joshua VanSlyke announcing, “We’re in this nigger’s backyard.” To which Williams adds, “This is real.” The clip ends with a shot of Anthony VanSlyke at the home’s back door.

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