Just Another Manic Monday

Last Updated on: 19th September 2013, 09:21 am

Well Good Day to you All

I was away all weekend and had no access to the internet. I checked out the site and despite there being very little action on the main page, there was all kinds of entertainment on the comment boards. To that end, though, I must say….

Shut Up! Ok. This is the internet. There are no police. Steve and I have some say here and can block people from using the comment boards but as of right now I have no desire to do so. I got a few e-mails this weekend from people whining about being bashed on the comment board. Come ON! This is the internet. If you’re actually shallow enough to worry about what a bunch of people you’ve never met, and never will meet are saying about you than you should probably stop using the internet all together. Don’t come crying to me or Steve if someone makes fun of you on the comment board. First of all it makes you look like an intellectually smashed asshole. And secondly I don’t want to read something after my great weekend away that looks like it was written by a 9 year old after the big kids wouldn’t let him play Wall Ball with them. Have some fucking self-respect… failing that don’t comment anymore.

Like I said. Steve and I have some pull and the only way I’m gonna block someone from using the comment board is if they’re getting too carried away on one of us! HA! And we’ve already had a few of those and I haven’t blocked them cuz quite frankly, it makes for good reading and neither of us spend a hole lot of time at night in bed crying over the fact that someone thinks I might be gay. Kudos to them for their detective work.

So to be done with this. If you’re skin is so thin and your ego is so weak that some stranger online who doesn’t like you is enough to send your entire world in to chaos just stop coming here or commenting. No one is going to go on this site and say “Let’s not make fun of —-” for you because that’s stupid. And no one is going to block anyone cuz they made fun of you. Also dumb. So suck it up or move on cuz it ain’t gonna change. Free speech unless that speech hurts MY feelings. Then we’ll re-evaluate.

Moving on I’d just like to say how unbelievably cold it is in Thunder Bay in Jaunary. Holey shit. I thought I was beginning to wonder if my testacles would ever come out of my stomach. I felt like a new born. I don’t blame though. I was trying to hide too. I’m sure it’s usually much colder up there as most were walking around in sweaters but for a Toronto guy like me, that was just about enough.

Also… shit there are a lot of ugly people up there. NOT ALL if there are any T-Bay folk reading and you believer yourself to be attractive. But the majority of people were just…. I dunno. To the T-Bay folk I mentioned a moment ago, though. Consider your surroundings. If you believer yourself to be attractive… are you attractive or are you attractive in relates to the people around you cuz that would be different. I hope I’ve made someone think.

The more I think about it. I WAS staying in a hotel… maybe most Thunder Bay people are very attractive and I say all ugly Toronto people in my hotel. I’ve hurt my own feelings.

Saw the Leafs Skills competition last night. Who knew? Nathan Parrott proved himself to be the fastest skater and the hardest shooter on the team. (he was the only one to break 100mph at 100.3). I wonder if his contract is up for renewal at the end of the year.

I’m not sure if Steve will have the Notes From The Tone Deaf up today but you should go and see. If not, there’s still all kinds of great stuff to see on Salty Ham Music and really any of the other Salty Sections as well. Go take a look around.

Well maybe I’ll check back in later. Until then. Keep bashing and quit whining.


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