If There Is A God, He’s A Sick Bastard

Last Updated on: 11th January 2016, 10:12 am

I’ve heard it said many times that God has a sense of humour, and if there is in fact a God, I have proof that he does, and that it’s twisted as hell.

A man who comes from a place not too far away from where I live was recently out driving his car when every driver’s worst nightmare became a reality. He lost control of his vehicle and rolled it several times, ending up far off the side of the road. He came out ok however and even managed to escape the car, for the most part unhurt.

With disaster narrowly averted it was time to plan his next move. He decided to do the only logical thing a person in his situation could do, seek help. So up the hill he climbed, bravely making his way towards the side of the road that had nearly taken his life just moments earlier. Upon his arrival, he was promptly struck and killed by a hit and run driver.

After reading that story, answer this one question for me. Who’s more evil, me for laughing at this or whomever is out there pushing the buttons to run the world for randomly doing stuff like that to fuck with people?

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  1. Its all bullshit, this God bollocks. Utter bullshit. The only people that still believe this crap are pushing 80. I used to believe it, but plainly it is absolute nonsense to do so, given the world we live in and the very low amount of evidence available that points to a ‘loving God’.

    1. I’m not much of a god guy myself, but I figure as long as you’re the live and let live type, go ahead and believe what you want. People believing in a god isn’t the problem.  The problem is when other people’s religions start making choices about my life, not to mention all of the awful things that have been said, done, justified and covered up in the name of this or that well-connected and overly wealthy church of the invisible man.

      1. Yeah those live and let live extremist zealots aren’t so bad…… other than their dogma based incarceration empire that operates at the border of reality and the abyss.

  2. I, am angry at God. Had, cancer my eyesight is bad along with my hearing. And, I am in pain daily. Do, I love Jesus? NO I, don’t even like him

    1. Nobody sensible could blame you for feeling that way. It’s hard to take seriously the notion of a god who loves everyone when the lives of so many seem so…unloved. And I have no time for those people who say that well, you just didn’t pray hard enough or you didn’t believe as much as you should have or that maybe you should have contributed more or been a better person in some arbitrary way.

  3. There have been people who I have heard talking to other people and they’ll be having a completely reasonable conversation and Person 2 will say something like “I’m glad things are going so well for you” and Person 1 responds with “Well, I just live right.” At that point, I want to slap the smug off person 1. No, you have been lucky. That’s all.

    1. Pretty much.  You can do all of the right things and hey, you probably should try to do most of them, but it’s helpful to remember that we’re all just a bad bounce or two away from it not mattering how right we think we are.

  4. Everything is governed by the laws of the universe. Man made god, god did not make man because god (it) has no existence. People wake up and stop wasting your time worshipping a nuisance myth.

  5. Agreed. If there is any type of ‘god’, higher power that has some ability to control the creation that he/it supposedly ‘made’….he/she/it is a sick fuck that I want nothing to do with. Any higher power that would create innocent animals who have not a bad intending bone in their boy, and leave humans with their sick ‘free will’ to do whatever the hell they want include abuse and torture innocent, loving, helpless creatures…that’s not a loving god that loves his creations. Its a sick fuck. So…god, if there is one, FUCK YOU piece of SHIT.

  6. Personally I DON’T believe in such things. But if there IS an afterlife etc. It means NONE of us can EVER die and are there (eternally) for the amusement of a total SICKO and we should ALL be petrified of meeting this TOTAL sicko. It would be the worst and most evil form of sorcery imaginable by a total sicko who needs stringing up. Words fail me that some people believe in such things. Death doesn’t scare me AT ALL. An afterlife (if it DOES exist (which it DOESN’T)) scares the living crap out of me.

  7. No one in this world knows for sure WHAT (if anything) happens after we die. So, the arrogance to have kids and put this uncertainty onto OTHERS is total arrogance.

    After all, let’s suppose there IS an afterlife, the evil that goes on in this world would have to be attributed to an evil, SOB (Higher Being) who sees this evil as a “game”. After all, it would be this Higher Being who let Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Jack the Ripper, The Yorkshire Ripper etc etc etc to be born and run riot. And, yet, this Higher Being simply let ALL this evil happen and did NOTHING! Get the idea?

    Also, we’ve all heard these disturbed people who masquerade as so-called clairvoyants who ‘claim’ that sometimes spirits get “stuck” in THIS world. So, why doesn’t this Higher Being “RESCUE” these souls? Also, they claim that we go the “NEXT” place. For hells sake, how many of these “NEXT” places are there before we can be left to cease to exist?! Terrifying thought to be at the mercy of evil.

    The most appalling and barbaric thing to me is that animals are slaughtered so “GREEDY” people can EAT them. These animals are sentient beings who have FEELINGS and who feel FEAR. And, yet we have KILLERS amongst us who go to work in slaughter houses EVERY day and then get paid to “KILL” these lovely animals and birds!!! Some even think it funny to treat them with utter cruelty BEFORE killing them as they think these animals and birds don’t feel pain. They have NO conscience whatsoever. These scumbags then ‘sleep’ at night. How?! And, we are supposed to be believe that a Higher Being would see this as acceptable! How can a so-called civilised society see it as acceptable to KILL animals and birds so greedy people can eat them?! These people who EAT them are as bad as the ones who KILL them in slaughter houses.

    It is about time that people STOPPED bringing people into this world and let civilisation come to an end if there is even a “possibility” that there IS an afterlife. After all, who would want to “meet” this EVIL Higher Being who is Evil Personified?! After all, if there IS an afterlife, we are ALL pawns for the amusement of this Higher Being.

    Personally I have NEVER been religious and don’t believe in life-after-death. But if there IS an afterlife, I would prefer to go to Hell rather than meet this so-called god who allows all the evil in this world. And, yet, if you ask these religious people WHY god allows all of this evil to go on, they ALWAYS give the SAME answer. “GOD HAS HIS REASONS”. That’s the intellect of these people.

    Death DOESN’T scare me. The possibility of an afterlife utterly PETRIFIES me, as it means that we are NEVER allowed to cease-to-exist and simply Rest-in-Peace. Also, let’s say that the human soul DOES exist. How the heck did it get created? After all, it would mean that this Half-Wit (Higher Being) sat there mixing potions and created a soul and then decided to create humans and put this soul INTO a person. What????!!! Think about it! Also, does EVERY living thing have a soul? Even an amoeba? It all breaks down the more you analyse it.

    Personally, mankind and the ever-increasing evil and cruelty that goes on in this world utterly disgusts me. And, to bring people into this world disgusts me EVEN more! If there IS a Higher Being, stop playing ITS sick games and let mankind die out. This is NOT the world “I” was brought into. The UK is 100% different to the UK “I” was born into. And it WILL continue to worsen until mankind is allowed to die out. And, we are SUPPOSED to be “Intelligent Life”. Yeah, right!

    TO END. STOP EATING ANIMALS AND BIRDS! LET THEM LIVE THEIR LIVES WITHOUT FEAR AND PAIN. They are the most BEAUTIFUL things in this world. Mankind is the UGLIEST thing in this world!

  8. We are in 2024 now and SOME people still believe in this god (notice I spelt it with a SMALL “g”!) garbage.

    If afterlife etc exists (which it DOES NOT) it is the worst and most evil form of BLACK MAGIC. How the hell would you create a soul and then create a VESSEL to out the damn thing in? What idiot actually believes this. And, worse are the people who believe in RE-incarnation. This would mean you CANNOT die and EXIST forever and ever and ever and ever. That would be the worst nightmare EVER! Especially if you had to pander to an EVIL Higher Being. I don’t use the word god for a reason.

    I am sorry I was ever born as I’ve hated my life since the 1980s. yes, two clowns brought me into this world (WITHOUT MY CONSENT) and I detest them for this. No one knows (FOR CERTAIN) what happens when we die, so why put this “UNCERTAINTY” onto OTHERS? I DON’T believe there is anything. But am TERRIFIED if there IS something. When I die I just want to go to sleep and NEVER wake up and THAT’S IT. Is that unreasonable? I wish people would THINK before creating life. I hate that I was born and I was surprised to find that there vare countkess people who are likeminded.

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