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Last Updated on: 3rd October 2013, 10:38 am

Yesterday I was at Karine’s blog and I followed a link to one of her friend’s blogs. I read a bit there and was about to move on but just before I left another link caught me eye that said “My Secret Life As A Prostitute” or something along those lines. Me being the curious guy I am decided to check it out. The link said it was just another blog so I wanted to see what kind of person would possibly name their blog something like that instead of something classy like VomitComet.

When I got their, it was exactly what it was advertised to be. This girl had her normal life and then a private life where for extra money she would sell herself. She tried to classy it up by saying “call girl” or “escort” and saying she had “apointments” but it is what it is, to me. This blog was something that she didn’t tell her friends and fmaily about but was just a journal of the guys she was having “apointments” with. It wasn’t something dirty where she went in to all kinds of detail on what she did with each of them but actually seemed like her own journal just saying “this guy was sweet” “oh god, i’ll never go to him again” and things like that.

In the second post I read, she talked about doing up new ads to post. That struck me as odd since I know that prostitution was illegal. So I wondered if she may have lived in a different country. It turns out she lives somewhere in the U.S. (did not reveal where for obvious reasons). Prostitution is illegal in the U.S. so it stuck me as odd that she would be so publically advertising. This was something I’d never really thought about much before. I’d heard of different “Escort” services and things like that but I thought they were all kind of shadey and you just kind of had to find them by “word of mouth” and things like that but I decided to look more in to it.

So, I think I’ve said on here before that I don’t live too far from Toronto, Canada. So I typed in to just the standard Google search bar the following phrase. “Toronto Escorts”. I was not surprised that I got a lot of matches as the internet is full of porno and shit like that. What I was surprised with was that there were actual ads and things online. One of them was a link to where there was a listing of all the Escort Services in the Toronto Area. I was floored at how freely this stuff was advertised if it’s illegal.

I mean if the police are so interested in getting rid of prostitution why don’t they just look in the damn phone book and then go to these places and break it up. I mean the only difference between these things and a chick you pick up off a street corner is that if you’d like to, you can take her to a party or something first so it looks like you have a date before you go home and fuck her. It’s still prostitution.

That’s where my question lies. Perhaps someone has a better understanding of the laws than I do and can shed some light on this for me. Is an “Escort Service” legal? If so, why is it legal and prostitutes on street corners are arrested regularly? It doesn’t make much sense to me. These “Services” are just basically more professional and classy looking prostitution. (if that’s possible). And if these things are not legal? How is that they can be so freely advertised in such public areas as the Yellow Pages. It would be one thing if you had to go to some shady website (and those were there too) and get a list of e-mail adresses or something but how can you get away with publishing that in your phone book? Someone’s gotta help me out, here.

One last thing. This oughta help Steve out with his fun with people’s searchs and ending up here. You know someone will be looking for a Toronto Area Whore and end up at our site now.

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