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Last Updated on: 28th September 2013, 03:59 pm

Good Wednesday morning to all you bored people. (why else would you be here?)
So Calgary snuck by Detroit last night. I’m impressed. Detroit was missing Chelios but the Flames were missing Warrener and looking at the 2 organizations I would say that Detroit should have had an easier time making up for that than Calgary. Kudos to the Flames though as they are certainly holding their own in this series. Do I think that they have what it takes to get by Detroit? The answer is still no. But I hope I’m wrong and they’re starting to give me doubts. Besides Toronto/Philly, this has become the series I’m most interested in. Looking at things right now it seems to be the series that has the best chance of keeping a Canadian team in it.

This weekend I go to Montreal for the final Olympic team selection camp. We’ll practise/play all weekend and each player will get a phone call within the week or so following that camp and find out who made it and who didn’t. It goes without saying that I’m nervous but I’m also incredibly fired up.

It’s an odd feeling to know that you’ve worked for 8 years and it all gets condensed in to one weekend. Do well, you’re in. Do poorly, see ya next time. To be honest. I don’t like the system that we have in place for selecting the team. It’s my feeling that players should be evaluated on their performance all year. That is not the case for us. You are evaluated on your performance at this camp, and that’s it. Last year that worked in my favour. I don’t believe going in to this thing last year that I was being looked at seriously and that Bruno from Quebec was the guy they were really keying on. He had a bad tournament and I had a great one and from that, I got his spot. Obviously, I was thrilled to be named and to get the opportunity last year but at the same time you’re kinda left with a feeling of “well was that really fair?” It will happen in sport that an athlete will have an off game/tournament where they just don’t have it. That’s not a fair representation of their skills. Bruno had an outstanding season last year leading up to this and had one bad weekend and ended up losing his spot. Those are the rules and everyone knew it going in but you still can’t help but feel bad. Now I find myself worrying about the same thing. I’ve had a good season, better than Bruno. But I could be that guy this year who just has an off weekend. It’s something pretty daunting to think about.

But, can’t worry about that. As I said I’m fired up and ready to give this a hard push. I’m going in with a few minor nagging injuries. Things that are just more annoying than painful really but I don’t see them providing much of a problem on the weekend. My back’s kinda beat up and my knee is pretty tender but once you get in to the games I find those things seem to leave your mind and you just focus on what you’re doing. I’m sure that will be the case here. I’m looking forward to this. Though, the week of waiting for the call afterwards is something difficult.

By the way, yesterday we did an above average amount of hits. Just goes to show you that you’re never too old to enjoy the word penis.

Be back later.

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