This Has No Point…. You’ve Been Warned

Last Updated on: 11th November 2013, 05:39 pm

Wow am I ever cranky today. It’s unbelievable. I went to bed nice and early last night since Monday’s always hell but I couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me. I finally got to sleep around 12 only to wake up again at around 1:10 and not get back to sleep until about 2:30. It’s led to some grizzly attitude today.

It’s just one of those days where everything pisses you off. Even people that you like and who are saying things to you that should actually help you, not piss you off, are just sending me over the edge today. Oh well. It’s 3:00. I’ll be heading home soon. I’ll get about an hour there and then I have to go out to the funeral home for a visitation for a friend. I guess I should clarify. My friend’s fine but a family member of his has recently passed so I’ll go to the visitation just for support. I didn’t know the person to well but I’ve known his immediate family since I was knee high to a grass-hopper. (i’ve always wanted to say that.)

It’s tough to see people you’ve known for a long time so upset. I always feel so uncomfortable. You know that there’s probably nothing harder in their life than what they’re going through at the time and all you can think to say is “I’m sorry.” I’m sorry?!? Well that certainly helps them out doesn’t it? But what else can you say? There’s not a thing in the world that you can say to make them feel any better or bring back what the person has lost. All you can do is be there for them offering up advice that was given to you that may have helped, but probably didn’t and just hope that your mere presence and support has touched them somehow since nothing you can say is going to.

Wow, kind of went off on a tangent there but that’s basically all this post is anyway.

5 days ’till Warped Tour. I’m really really looking forward to it. The weather is supposed to be cloudy and about 20 degrees. That’s actually perfect. We’re gonna be outside all day and if it’s too hot and there’s no breeze it’s really no fun. And buying water at these things is insane so it appears we’ve lucked out on the weather as long as the rain holds off. Only calling for about a 20% chance and a light sprinkle will be worth it if it keeps the scorching hot away.

Well, I guess that’s it. Later

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