Spongiest Movie Ever

Last Updated on: 9th April 2014, 03:28 pm

Well there. That didn’t take too long. Only about 2 days and I’m back here \again.

Tonight I went to see…. wait for it…. the SpongeBob Squarepants movie. It’s not what you think. A friend of mine was babysitting and was gonna take her guest and so we decided to tag along since we had nothing better to do. (Although it probably is what you think cuz I think I would have went anyway, young kid or not)

Now, I don’t know all the ins and outs of Mr Squarepants but I’ve seen enough to at least know the characters. What can I say? It’s one of my guilty little pleasures. I’ll say this though. I think Bob, Squidward and the gang are better suited for half hour doses on tv than 2 hour movie features. It’s funny in that cute kinda way, but after about an hour or so you’re seeing just how dumb it is and about ready to walk out. It’s not to say it was a bad movie I guess. But it did kinda drag. Or maybe it’s just cuz I’m a little old to be sitting through a movie made for 9 year olds. I’m not sure if that’s a fair statement or not though since I took my 2 little cousins to see Looney Toons Back In Action when it came out and I laughed my ass off far more often than they did. Maybe I just need to grow up.

There’s some questionable content in here, as well, in my opinion. Having Patrick dance in a seductive mannor wearing thigh-high boots and fishnet stockings may not be sending the right message to kids.

I also gotta laugh at some of the jokes that sored right over the kids heads. At one point are underwater heroes meet up with David Baywatch-star. (ya right. like i’m gonna try to spell that german last name) and some kid 2 rows up yells out to his friends “hey!! it’s the guy from Dodgeball!”. I mean come on! He’s even wearing his classic red baywatch swim suit. Oh well. I guess that one was thrown in for the losers like me who shouldn’t have been there anyway.

Oh well. I guess there’s only so much that you can say about a movie about a Sponge and a Starfish so I guess I’ll get outta here and enjoy the rest of my quiet Saturday night in. It’s -40 out there tonight so there’s no chance I’m going back out there.

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