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Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 11:21 am

Happy Holidays, All
Well as Steve said on Friday updates for the next little while will be few and far between as you’re busy, we’re busy and there’s just not much going on worth talking about as the hole world seems to kind of slow down for this few weeks.

There’s an interesting little discussion going on over at on the comment board of Scott’s Blog. They’re speaking, hypothetically, about if there were to be a Bret Hart 3 DVD set come out and what you would want to see included on it. Nothing’s been anounced for said DVD but it’s a neat thing to think about. Go check it out and chime in if you feel like it.

So, the Leafs win 2 more this weekend. Not too shabby. I think we’re at 14 strait games with at least a point. They have Florida on Tuesday before back to back games with the two New York teams in New York. They should do fine against Florida but the back to back could spell the end of the streak. Still, it’s been impressive.

There’s no Towel Snap or Notes from the Tone Deaf this week but still go and check out Salty Ham for all the other cool features. Things may not be thrown up there as frequently cuz of the holidays but there’s always newsbits and things to keep you amused for a bit.

I went to the Oshawa Generals game on Friday night with about 9 other members of the family. They were having their annual “Teddy Bear Toss’ where they ask everyone to bring a stuffed animal to throw out on the ice after the Generals score their first goal and all the animals are given to different children’s charities around town. It was a pretty cool thing to see. The Gens scored about 15 minutes in to the first period and down came the toys. Now. Here’s the problem. We were sitting in the first two rows of the crowd… guess what that means. Yup. Anyone who couldn’t throw their toy far enough ended up pelting us in the back and the head with their animals. It was poor planning on our part to be sure. My cousin actually got hit with one that came clear across the hole rink from the other side. In total, over 2400 toys were thrown down to the ice for charity. I thought that was pretty good out of a crowd of about 3000. That many toys can go along way. There were even people coming in with some of the huge 5 foot tall ones that you see at carnivals and stuff. And a few people just threw down entire garbage bags full of stuff toys. It took about 20 minutes for all the volunteers to clear them all off the ice before the resumed the game.

Well, that’s it for now I guess. I’ll try and get back with something else over the next few days. Work is a bit slow right now so I have a bit of time on my hands so if I get some content I’ll try and get some more up here over the next few days. Don’t look for much from me from Christmas through New Years though.

Later, All

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