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Last Updated on: 12th November 2013, 04:43 pm

Well, Steve has decided to let me pollute what was once his and Matt’s site not only in the comments section, but on the main site. Oh the humannity! Things will never be the same! Anyway now that it’s too late, mouhahahahaha, here I am. My name is Carin if you didn’t know. If you haven’t already looked at something of mine and gone “What the hell is she smoking?” You can find a couple guest rants of mine in the archive here, I have some columns up on Salty Ham, and if ya really wanna see it, I have a really antequated site doomed for death soon that is so old now that honestly it shouldn’t see the light of day. The poor site, I had so many ambitions for it. But anyway. Here I am to splatter crap all over this site whenever the hell I feel like it. And I’m sure I’ll come up with ample opportunity. I’m finishing up a lovely degree in Psychology, and no that doesn’t mean I think Freud is god and I want to analyze every last one of you. But it does mean I get lots of things to rant about. Either that or I’m just a really big bitch who could be living under a rock and still rant about things other than how I was trapped under this boulder and wanted out and how nobody would help me and…ok so maybe I am a giant bitch. Either way, I hope you’ll at least get a kick out of me talking about who knows what. Or maybe I’ll piss you off, piss you off enough for you to send me hate mail about what I’ve said. I hope not, but there it is, and anyone who’s a spammer? None from you! No! more! spam!

So now that I’ve made it clear that I’m nuts, hope you’ll still stay around. If I’ve already scared you, which is quite possible, Apologies to Steve and Matt for driving all the traffic far, far away.

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