A Bit Of A Warning

Last Updated on: 2nd November 2013, 11:02 am

I’m not sure how many of you use the Next Blog link that’s near the top of this site and most other blogs, but I thought that
this article
was worth mentioning anyway.

It seems that people have found a way to slip spyware into blogs that use certain features and as a result, people have been getting hit with some pretty nasty infections while surfing around.

To the best of my knowledge this site is perfectly safe, but when you click the Next Blog link you never know where you’re going to end up or what you’ll find there so while the odds of you getting hit with something aren’t really that great, there is a chance that you might pick up something that you really don’t want. So I’ll throw out the standard don’t be a retard and run a computer without up to date spyware protection and anti-virus software on it, tell you to be careful and use common sense when clicking on links and leave it at that.

Have fun and stay safe.

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