I Bet He Drinks STD

Last Updated on: 26th August 2019, 05:02 pm

So we stumbled over this site in a Sales class when trying to find easy ways to come up with company slogans without having to actually think of them. You go to this cool site and you type in your name in the box and click “sloganize”. It will then come up with a slogan (usually stolen from another company) and insert your name in it to make it your own. Some aren’t too good and wont’ make sense but if you keep clicking the button you’ll get more of them. Unfortunately it only displays one at a time. The best slogan for my name was probably “Matt really satisfies” followed up by “Matt Not Included” and “I can’t Believe It’s Not Matt.”

So we got bored of that after a while and started to search other terms.

STD – I Bet He Drinks STD
Death – Death. The Way Your Mom Used To Do It
The Clap – Give That Man The Clap
Chlamydia – Wait ’till We Get our Chlamydia on you.

Go give it a shot. it’s fun.

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