How can we gouge you today?

Last Updated on: 24th June 2013, 03:56 pm

I swear things don’t make any sense any more. Here are two places where I just stand back and go, “huh?” First off is university fees. Yeah you guys know my feelings about the infamous print card. Did I mention in there the infamous graduation application fee? *Checks old rant*. Nope. Phew. I’m not recycling old material. Anyway, yes, you heard me right. You have to tell the university you want to graduate. What is the point of all that anyway? I mean, who’s going to work and practically sell their soul to get a degree and then just walk away and say, “no I’m not graduating today.” Of course you’re going to graduate. And what is the university going to do, provided you have all your shit? deny your application? “No we’re not letting you out yet. Give us more money.” Oh wait they probably will. I feel like I’m applying for parole. But the whole point is you have to pay for this application. And if you’re late in getting it done, you have to pay more money. Hell at this point they should be rewarding me with some money for all I’ve given them, or at the very least, let me graduate for free. I’m sure they have a surplus somewhere. I feel like the university is like the government. When someone dies, the family has to pay death duties. You’d think at the end they’d leave ya alone. But oh no, we have to get our last gouge in.

And here’s another case of legal robbery that makes no sense whatsoever. Ok, I’m applying for a guide dog, bla bla bla. But part of the application requires you to get a physical. Apparently, if you just want a physical for the good of your health, the health care system is fine with that. But if you’re getting a physical because it’s mandatory, like in this case, you have to pay for it, plus the charges for the doctor filling out any forms. I’m ok with the charges for forms. But it’s the same! damn! physical! The doctor’s doing the same job. It’s just for a different purpose. It’s not like there’s a mediocre checkup and a super duper one. If there is, there’s a problem. They should be exactly the same. That’s like you going to the store and if you’re buying milk for you it’s a certain price, but if you’re buying it for Uncle Joe, you have to pay more, cause it’s for Uncle Joe! It’s the same! damn! milk!

I can even understand if you had to pay more if for some reason you had to get two of them in a short period of time. But I’m just getting one, and I haven’t had one in a long time. I don’t understand. I swear it’s things like that that turn us into liars. When I actually book it, I’m just going to say I want a physical and then when I get there with the forms, it’s too damn late for them to gouge me. Unless of course the poor shmuck at the front desk reads this blog, in which case, I’m fucked.

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