Did I Write Something I Didn’t Write?

Last Updated on: 4th October 2013, 08:02 am

This was posted in the comments under my post from the other day called He Was Asking For It, the one all about how I refuse to feel sorry for people who find themselves in harm’s way because they choose to vacation in war zones like Iraq. I’m going to guess that this person took it upon him or herself to get offended before he or she finished reading the post or at the very least before what I actually said had a chance to sink in. At no point did I say anything remotely related to this comment and the one point that whoever this person is could have had me on I addressed in the first or second paragraph of the original post.

Hmmm, by that logic, if i was at the end of my rope, and i asked you to blow my head off….it would be ok, cause i asked you too?

and the troops that went over, they cchose to be in the army, they chose to be there…..are they are asking for it? Some things just just shouldn’t be said, no matter how logical they seem in your head.
WTF | 11.04.04 – 7:33 pm |

Here’s how I responded on the boards just a few minutes ago.

Had you actually read what I wrote you would have noticed that I said people who are there on business are different than people who choose to vacation in places where wars are going on. The army is a job and when you’re in the army you expect to be put in dangerous situations because it’s what you do. You sign up knowing that you’re going over there and you might not be coming home. Now somebody like me on the other hand, I’m not in the army and I have no purpose for going to a place like Iraq and my doing so would be completely stupid and if something were to happen to me there, it would be my own fault, which was my whole point.

And I forgot to ask this in the first place which is a huge oversight on my part, but just where in the hell did that bit about me blowing your head off if you asked me too come from? That scenario wasn’t even mentioned anywhere in the article. Did you actually read it? Maybe before you take offence to my logic you should at least take the time to figure out what that logic actually is. It would give your arguments some much needed credibility and validity.

But if you or anybody else thinks that I’m way off base here and that I actually did say what I’m being accused of saying, feel free to show me where that is. But since this is my sight, I get to fire the first shot, and my first shot is this quote, taken as directly as a quote can be taken from the post in question.

“Could somebody please explain to me why it is that I’m supposed to feel sorry for people who get themselves injured or killed in war zones that they visit of their own free will? I’m not talking about people who go their on business such as those who are there to provide humanitarian aid to the people in whatever country it is, I’m talking about people like
this guy,
who head off to Iraq just because they’re curious about what’s going on there.”

Good luck.

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