Hey Big Spender!

Last Updated on: 14th July 2022, 09:05 pm

I just heard the funniest thing on the radio as I was coming home on the bus. The local radio station is holding a contest where some DJ names a random product on the Mcdonalds menu, and if someone can remember it hours later, and calls in, they win…wait for it…dinner for 4 at Mcdonalds! Like holy man. I know Mcdonalds food is overpriced, but a radio station? Giving away dinner for 4 at Mcdonalds? What’s next, a Tim Horton’s coffee as the prize?

Hey, winning is cool. I’m just picturing this family going to Mcdonalds to claim their prize. Will they take it through the drive-through? I mean usually dinner prizes are to nice restaurants. So as a special occasion, you go out courtesy of the radio station. But Mcdonalds? What would make it even funnier is if it was a dinner for two at Mcdonalds. I can hear it now. “Have a nice romantic evening on us. We love to see you smile.”

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