Vive Le Québec Ivre

Last Updated on: 25th November 2013, 10:10 am

Ok I hope at least one person gets that joke. They probably won’t, and if they do, they’ll be pissed at me for saying it. Oh well.

I saw something on the news that just killed me. In Quebec, there’s a liquor strike. Ok, another strike. Whatever. But people are flipping out! They’re going to Ontario and New Brunswick to get their liquor, and stocking up on it as if it was water before y2k! . One guy actually said that the liquor stores should be considered an essential service! He said this on camera, without one bit of shame! And it wasn’t a joke! Ok, it’s booze. You’re not going to die without it…are you? If so, get some help, not out of province booze.

A lot of people must agree with him, because to avert the strike, they actually brought in Lucien Bouchard, ya know, used to be premier, big political man, to help with negotiations. I am not joking. It’s on the CTV site. Doesn’t M. Bouchard have better things to do than to stop the beer store people from going on strike? Apparently not.

The part that’s even funnier is they can still get some beer at the grocery stores according to CBC. But they just have to have more. What the hell? Can someone please explain this one to me?

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