I Suspect He Won’t Be Just A Suspect For Long

Last Updated on: 21st April 2015, 03:34 pm

If you’re on surveillance footage robbing a store while your partner shoots the clerk dead, it’s probably not a good idea to come back to the store and tell a TV reporter how mad you are for being branded a suspect. You might as well just turn yourself in, because if the reporter’s any good, he’ll write down your license plate number and hand it over to the boys in blue. Yup, that’s what he did. They came and got ya, and then you inadvertently gave your partner away, who then told the cops all about how you were involved and how he shot the clerk. Yup, not meant for a life of crime there, Michael Ray Morris.

So sad you took a life and all you got was $400, which won’t go very far towards the legal fees you’ll have to pay.

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