Culinary Double Standard

Last Updated on: 25th February 2014, 10:33 am

Sorry about the lack of updates this week, but things have been a nice combination of busy and boring which doesn’t really work out so well when it comes to thinking up topics worth posting about. But while all of you were sitting here waiting for one of us to say something, I was out getting my Christmas shopping almost done. Yea me, not that you care. Well maybe you do, but for the life of me I’m not sure why you would. Oh well, what people like to read is a whole other post for another time. For now, let’s talk about food.

The other day when I was out at the mall, I ate at
New York Fries.
I haven’t eaten there in years and Carin had a craving for the stuff so I figured what the hell, I might as well eat there too even though fries dipped in garlic sauce isn’t your traditional first meal of the day.

So I’m sitting at the table, dipping my fries in garlic sauce and carrying on a pleasant conversation when a thought strikes me. Why is it that French fries are only a meal some of the time? Think about it. When you’re at home and you’re deciding what to have for dinner, you never decide that you’re going to cook up some fries and leave it at that. there’s always something with the fries. Sometimes it’s fish and chips, other times it’s burgers and fries or hotdogs and fries. But whatever you have with the fries, the point is that there’s something with them. the fries are never a standalone meal at home. But when you’re out somewhere and you see a chip wagon or a New York Fries, you’re more than happy to pay somebody to give you nothing but fries and call it a meal. Why is that? Why do the rules change depending on where you are? Do fries just taste better on their own when you have to pay 3 bucks for a box of them? And why only with fries? Seriously, I can’t think of another food that works that way. If you went out someplace and somebody was trying to sell you a box of green beans or a bowl of mashed potatoes you’d probably think the guy was nuts and start looking around for the nearest French fry stand so you could get a decent meal. Come on, you know you would, because so would I. We all would. And why? I don’t know, I’m still trying to come up with a good answer for that. I’m also trying to figure out how it is that I’ve managed to spend 25 years on this planet and not give serious thought to this until now, even though I’ve eaten the French fry meal a million times. And you know what? Even though it bugs me now and I think it’s really weird, I’ll probably do it a million more. I guess I just like tormenting myself or something.

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