Who’s more stupid?

Last Updated on: 6th October 2013, 01:56 pm

Ok, I don’t know why this makes me bristle so much, but here we go.

I was watching the news, and saw something. Some dick has been running around from Tim Hortons to Tim Hortons swiping the Tsunami donation boxes and casually leaving. Ok. But here’s where I start to get mad. First of all, he only goes to Tim Hortons’s. Second, every theft has been caught on video tape! Third, it’s always done the same way. He picks up the box, toddles into the washroom, and off we go. Now I don’t know, I’d think the first time a security tape caught that, I’d be letting my fellow Tim Hortons’s know what happened so a similar fate wouldn’t befall them, and I’d be advising people to chain down the tsunami donation boxes. But this idiot has been doing this for more than a week, and the thefts are being released to the news showing how it’s done. Now there’s something else stupid. If you’re dealing with someone smart, smart enough to not get caught, don’t! release! his! method! He’ll change it and any methods of catching him that you were developing are now fucked.

I don’t know. It’s maddening enough that some asshole can run around stealing donations for people who don’t even have a home, but it’s almost as if the Tim Hortons want this to happen! I mean, if they were serious about this, it wouldn’t have happened at 3 Tim Hortons. All they’d have to do is fasten down the box! Not that hard a concept.

Am I missing something? Did someone else see this story? Am I the only one that thinks this way? Something just doesn’t make any sense about this!

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