A Few Hundred More People I Feel Sorry For

Last Updated on: 17th November 2013, 02:11 pm

I thought about doing this on the radio, but that would probably be a bad idea, because I know me.

Mr Little Penis gives up

A Romanian man whose surname means Little Penis has given up trying to change it because of red tape.

Constantin Putica, 45, said he had got fed up with trips to various state offices and constant bureaucratic hassles.

He said: “I have got used to people laughing when they hear my name. I can live with it.”

But Putica is not the only Romanian with an embarrassing surname, local daily Libertatea reported.

According to state records, there are another 243 people with the same surname, 233 people with the surname Muia which means Oral Sex and dozens with the name Caca (Faeces), Cur (Ass) and Coi (Testicle).


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