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Last Updated on: 5th March 2014, 09:18 am

So I’m taking a Goalball team to the Windsor Classic Indoor Games in March and I’m not going with my usual provincial teams. It is, in fact, an under 23 tournament so there are only two players on my usual team eligible to play and we are on different teams for competition’s sake.

There will be a few more of these under 23 style tournaments in the next few years that I will be eligible to play in before my 23rd birthday and in all likelyhood I’ll be taking teams to those as well so I need to come up with a name I can use for the next few years while I’m still playing on this team.

So, I open it up to the comment boards to try and get some ideas for creativ and innovative names. I, of course, understand that in opening it up to the internet I will get crushed with stupid stuff like “the Buttheads” or “The pilons” but if I can get one or two really well thought out names it will have been worth sorting through the garbage.

So, Vomiteers, what do you got for me? It can be the name of a junior team somewhere that is kinda catchy, or a cool name from a league not many of us know of. or something that you came up with just off the top of your head – maybe even a name from the past like an early 1900’s NHL team like the Ottawa Silver Seven. Of course that doesn’t work here, but it illustrates my point. Keep in mind it will be the Ontario Somethings or the Somethings of Ontario.

Let’s see how creative you can be, cuz frankly, I got nothing.

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