Way Cool!

Last Updated on: 18th January 2019, 12:24 pm

I never thought I’d make a blog post about food, but here we go. Last night I thought I’d try the Eastside Mario’s delivery thing. I felt like Mario’s, but couldn’t make it to the restaurant, so I thought what the hell I’ll give them a try. I was expecting your run of the mill delivery package, probably less than what you’d get if you went in the restaurant! But no! It was absolutely awesome. Steve and I tried it, and each of us got a cute little loaf of their bread with our dinners. They even sent parmesan cheese for the pasta and the salad! The croutons were even fresh!

So, if you ever feel like Eastside Mario’s but can’t get to the restaurant for some reason, try their delivery! it’s awesome! But if you’re blind, know what you want when you call because I can’t for the life of me read their menus on the website. Ok I’ll stop sounding like a gluttonous pig and leave you alone.

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