The Freaks On the Bus Go Scream Scream Scream

Last Updated on: 26th September 2013, 12:43 pm

Wow. That was an interesting bus ride home. I’m glad I don’t live in the states, because maybe if I did, this wouldn’t be a happy post.

I’m sitting on the bus, well in the bus, because if I were on the bus I wouldn’t be on it for long. So anyway I’m riding the bus, and we come to this stop and this guy gets on, or should I say, puts his feet on the steps. ” Sir, sir, you need to stop that bus.” he says with a certain urgency. “Sir, tell that bus to stop! Sir!” The bus driver, confused, asks him what’s the problem. I’m thinking he must have a baby on that bus or something. He says, “I had a TV, a TV-VCR combo, and I left it on that bus! I don’t want someone to go home with it! You’re going to tell that bus to stop!” The driver gets on the radio and asks if anyone has a TV on their bus. The man barks, “TV-VCR combo!” He’s standing there, and the driver tells him he’s not getting a response. The man flies into a rage. “No, you can’t say it wasn’t on the bus! You can’t! You can’t say it wasn’t there it was there! Tell that bus too stop! It just dropped me off! Tell the bus driver to hold on to it for me. I can wait! Tell him to bring it back!” The bus driver asks him if it was a lady or a man bus driver. AT this point, our lune flies into another fit of rage. “What does it matter? I can’t remember! Lady or a man bus driver! I don’t know!” At this point, he’s leaning in towards the bus driver, the bus has been stopped through this whole escapade, and he’s bossing him around. “You tell that bus to come back! The one that just drove by! You tell him to come back and bring back my TV! My TV! You tell him to bring it back!” The bus driver is completely taken aback by this whole thing. he eventually tells him he cant’ help him, he’ll have to call transit and uses the doors to push him off the steps, or somehow makes him leave even though he didn’t want to, all the while, you can hear the guy going, my TV! The last thing I heard, which killed me was, “I spent $150 on that TV!”

I just couldn’t believe that, all over something worth $150 that *he* left on the bus because *he* screwed up. Now here he was stopping a whole bus, trying to stop another one and make it change routes, all because he left it on the bus! Some gall! Like get on the bus, ride down to the square and track down your TV there. I was just glad he didn’t have a gun, because he had enough rage that I thought he might have shot someone.

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