I’m Frightened

Last Updated on: 19th February 2014, 09:17 am

I had the TV on, and on came an ad for something called Fruit2O. It was apparently fruit-flavoured water that doesn’t have any juice and is 0 calories. They call it fresh-picked water. So what exactly is that? It says doing something good for yourself never tasted so good. But what exactly are you putting in your body?

This is the way I feel about it. Either drink water, or drink juice! If ya want water, drink water. If ya want something fruity, drink juice. At least you know that most of what you’re drinking is what it says it is. I was so freaked out that I went to their website. They say it’s water with “fruit escences” but they never explain what those are…and I haven’t found an ingredient list except that it has splenda in it, not sugar. They did make one good point. People with diabetes can drink this and it supposedly won’t mess with their sugar levels. Cool…but what is it? According to the website, it’s not sold in Canada yet. Maybe that’s a good thing. God, things are getting so weird now. We’ve got chemicals to wash our vegetables to clean off other chemicals, vitamins to take to undo damage of diet pills, and now water that doesn’t taste like water!

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