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Last Updated on: 24th April 2014, 07:09 pm

Welcome to flawed logic 101. Today’s lesson is about a Rubella outbreak. Yup, Rubella. Ya know, German Measles. The thing we’ve all supposed to have been vaccinated against when we were itty bitty. Well a whole bunch of people in a nearby city who are part of a specific religious sect refuse to be vaccinated. And what do we get? 90 people all running around catching Rubella!

Now for most people, that’s no big deal. Ya get a rash, a cold, ya move on. But if you hhappent to be pregnant, like one person is who has it, your kid is likely going to be fucked beyond belief. Deaf, blind, mentally handicapped, likely all of the above, sick, and might die before being born.

Do you know what the people of the community are saying? It must have been God’s will to have a disabled child. “God’s will.” I love that phrase. Anything can be made to be God’s will. Inaction is made excusable because God must have wanted this stuff to happen. If someone dies, no matter how they die, it was God’s will to have him taken now. But then school shootings are said to be because we’re asking God to leave us alone. Hold the pony. Weren’t they God’s will?

And I damn well hope that the people who say that it was God’s will to have this disabled child, and I will add that these weren’t the pregnant woman and her husband, chip in to help the parents. I hope that when the kid is rushed to the hospital, they’re there to support them. I hope they give the parents lots of respite when the kid is driving them up the wall. I can’t prejudge these people, but I know the church that my parents were part of were far from supportive when I was apparently hanging between life and death. But they can all happily sit back now and say it was God’s will.

Hey, I’m all for personal choice. If you personally don’t want to be vaccinated for Rubella, and you’re not in contact with any expecting mothers, go ahead, knock yourself out. But don’t go fucking up kids who aren’t even born yet, who haven’t had the chance to know what personal choice is before it’s likely taken away. And I’m also not saying the kid shouldn’t be born. But come on, all this crap caused by something as preventable as this? That’s like standing in a toxic waste dump while expecting, breathing deeply, and then saying it must have been God’s will for your kid to be fucked. No, it was your will. You could have avoided the toxic waste, you could have gotten vaccinated.

Now we’ve got the minister of health running around addressing the outbreak, We’ve got the media all worked into a tizzy, and we’ve got one possibly messed up kid to come, and who knows how many more. It just seems like a completely unnecessary turn of events. Come on people, if God didn’t want us to have vaccines, they wouldn’t exist. Go out and get vaccinated!

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