Rogers, U R not Cool!

Last Updated on: 15th April 2014, 10:41 am

No, I didn’t degenerate into a moron, I did that on purpose. I got a cellphone bill the other day. While I was reading through it, I got to a point where they throw in their regularly scheduled advertising blabber. The piece I hit was encouraging us all to turn into mutes and use text messaging on our cell *phones*. Well they didn’t exactly say, “become a mute just for us.” or anything, but they were trying to make text messaging sound cool. And the title was, “R U texting yet?” Ok, knock it off. It’s bad enough that some people don’t know how to type because of that crap and only know how to write in Leet Speak. So we certainly don’t need Rogers, or any company, legitimizing it! I know I know, they were trying to be cool. It just scares me to see stuff that’s supposed to stay in the realm of the internet or dumbass IM’s on a bill. Ok I’ll stop bitching. L8r? No no no no! I will not give in to the dark side!

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