I’m back, did ya miss me?

Last Updated on: 22nd September 2013, 06:25 am

This Is Babs
Probably not haha. You were probably enjoying the pece and quiet. But alass, your peace and quiet is officially disturbed.

I’m home from guide dog school, and now no longer live alone in my apartment. I share it with a 52 or so-pound 2-year-old yellow lab named Babs. This is the description I’ve been given of her. She’s got black around her eyes as if she’s wearing makeup, a cute little black nose, and long floppy very soft ears that gradually darken as you go down. She’s got a big head, and her eyes seem to look sad. She’s a doll, although she’s got attitude. She’s just like a 2-year-old kid, trying to see exactly how much I’ll let her away with.

Guide dog training was sure busy. Lots and lots of walking, duh. But I got in shape, my parents say. They say I lost weight and got some colour in my face. And I didn’t even feel it! But at the end I just completely flopped. There was no way I could have sent a blog post from there, the computer was so bloody slow I barely checked my email. But at least I had a computer to check email with.

It’s funny to come home with her now. At first I didn’t believe them when they said coming home would be the hardest part. Oh yeah, for sure. First of all, the poor thing didn’t take too well to being trucked to my parents’ house, then trucked over to see grandma, then trucked to my brother’s, and then to my house in Guelph. Let’s just say the stress was showing by the end. And then there’s the whole managing your stuff plus the dog’s stuff. At the school, we had our meals done for us, and we lived in a room. What possible cleaning needs to be done? The only chore we had was laundry. So you come home and suddenly you have groceries to buy, meals to cook, your own life to lead, plus take care of the dog. The first couple days I was just plain exhausted. Thank god I had mom and dad there.

And she went nutso when we came home. One of her new tricks is to try and eat every loose piece of garbage off the sidewalk. And near where I live, little did I know, there’s a lot of litter! I now have a new disgust for litterbugs. Please,how hard is it to throw your trash in a trash can? It’s not very nice to have to reach down at every street corner and pry things out of your dog’s mouth in front of people. It doesn’t look nice either. I’m so afraid someone will say I’m abusing my dog because there I am, squeezing her snout with one hand and opening the other half of her jaw with the other, looking mad, and wrenching around in there. Sure they’re not supposed to eat things off the sidewalk, but it would be so easy to just remove that temptation altogether!

But I shouldn’t make her out to be all bad. She’s actually quite well-behaved considering. She hasn’t had one accident in my house, and here I am running out and getting dog-urine-odour be gone just in case. Not one accident. She hasn’t stolen anything off my table, or anyone else’s table. Hell she’s a brand new dog…I think she’s allowed to go a little insane.

And that’s the short scoop on me. I’m sure I’ll have more to say that’s a hell of a lot more interesting than guide dog babble. But I figured after all the preamble, the least I could do is give you the scoop on her. I have a picture of her, but I don’t know how to load pictures on this thing…anybody know how?

I hope everybody’s enjoying the nice weather. Yea summer coming early! If only we had this weather when I was training. It was nice weather, but it threatened to drizzle all the time. Oh well, I was still warm, so maybe this weather would have made me turn all read and sweaty. Anyway, enough for now. Hope everyone is well. Back later.

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