Twisted Appreciation

Last Updated on: 30th October 2020, 02:14 pm

I had something weird happen to me the other day, because weird things always happen to me. I was out with a bunch of people, and we were just talking. And one of them asked me if I had been blind all my life, the usual questions. I said yes. Then the person whips out this gem. “Wow, I really need to appreciate my eyes more.”

And it’s weird, because I wasn’t really offended. I’ve heard that before, it doesn’t really phase me. But it got me thinking. Why is it acceptable for people to say that about certain disabilities, but not others. Like, would anyone in their right mind walk up to a guy with no arms and say, “boy, I really need to appreciate my limbs more!” Or would people actually say to a cancer patient, “Gee I’m so lucky to be not going through chemo!” Or better yet, to a homeless bum fishing a sandwich out of a dumpster, “Man I’m lucky to eat 3 square meals a day!” It just seems too insensitive and weird. Please people, if you’re going to appreciate what you have and the person right in front of you doesn’t, maybe it would be a good idea to not say it to their face. For your own good. Hey it didn’t offend me, but that armless man might get offended and give you a new healthy respect for his legs.

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