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Last Updated on: 22nd March 2015, 02:56 pm

Trixie, standing still for a profile shot

Woo! Trix pictures! Woo!

I’ve had these pictures for months, and have meant to put them up. But the process of putting them up, for me at least, is a bit laborious, and as I’ve said repeatedly, laborious processes and the captain don’t mix too well. Then I headed back to work and got busy, and as we all know, laborious processes and tired humans don’t mix well. But I’m feeling up to it this morning, and yesterday was the 8-year anniversary of when Trix walked into my life, so I thought what would be a better time? So let’s go.

These pictures were taken in September when Brad and Trix were enjoying some time in Grand Bend with family. Then since they were on someone’s camera, they had wacky names and neither Brad nor I knew exactly what they were of. So I sent them off to Trix’s raiser so she could have recent pictures, and if she was feeling generous, I could have descriptions. She obliged, and the alt text is what she gave me as descriptions. Thanks a heap.

Just so we all know, she was 9 when these were taken. Lookin’ pretty good for a 9-year-old dog.

Trixie charging through shallow water

Damn I wish I could have seen her flop and charge through the water like that when we were working. I’d always heard stories that she liked water, and she would stare longingly at the pool, but when I took her to water once, she would do nothing. I don’t know if she was so stressed out that she wouldn’t relax or what, but I have never seen a charging Trixter first-hand.

Brad kneeling in the water with Trixie by his side, sun setting in the background

I imagine this picture is pretty cute. I think this is the first time Trixie’s raiser has seen a picture of the guy who now has her.

Trixie coming out of the water

Here comes Trix out of the water. I guess she’s done snorting and enjoying herself. I wish during her working life, I could have given her this much fun.

Trixie on the beach with the sun setting behind her

If I’m not mistaken, this picture is the one that made it into that calendar I had previously mentioned. The funniest part about that calendar was Brad showed it to his grandpa and asked him if he noticed anything about it. Grandpa looked it over, and looked it over some more, and said something about “There’s a cat named peaches.” After Brad told him to keep looking, he goes, “Hey! That looks like Trixie!” Ding ding ding! So yeah, Trix is famous even in retirement.

And that’s that. Hopefully next time I manage to get some pics of the Trixter, I won’t take 6 friggin months to put them up.

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  1. Those pictures were actually taken on the Labour Day weekend. We were camping at the Pineries near Grand Bend.

  2. I thought there was a mistake in here that I needed to fix or tell you to fix, but then I realized that you’d just used the word flop instead of flomp. Flomp is so much our dog word now that I can’t not say it…or see it, apparently.

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