Double Meanings

Last Updated on: 15th February 2023, 10:18 am

I guess all my talk of dogs made our google ads change to dog-related stuff, and lump-removal stuff. But one dog ad made me do a double take. I guess it was effective advertising, because it was sure tempting to click on it. The ad read something like:
Your dog need help upstairs? Get harness available at Pet smart.

I can’t remember exactly how it read, and I can’t trigger it again. But I stared at it and thought, how could a harness help a dog with a messed up head? I’m scared of what’s in this thing.

It turns out it was about a harness that can let you help your dog navigate steps if it has arthritis or joint problems and can’t get its back end up the stairs.

All I’ve gotta say is, ads always find a way to be unintentionally amusing.

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