This saddens Me.

Last Updated on: 11th October 2013, 09:36 am

I got a message from the company, Computer Associates, that makes the antivirus program, ETrust EZ Antivirus, I used to use before I got my new computer, which was pre-loaded with Norton. Otherwise, I would have still used it today. But this message I received made me think twice about this company. it’s like they have sunk to the lowest of the low.

I quote:

New Computer Worm Damages PCs Worldwide
Dear Insert my name here,

Without eTrust EZ Antivirus you are vulnerable to this worm! Purchase your eTrust subscription now to stay safe.

Security experts are warning that Tpbot.A the latest strain of the recently released Zotob.B worm is shutting down computers and is affecting hundreds of
major companies around the world.

Unfortunately, our records indicate that you have not yet purchased eTrust EZ Antivirus. PURCHASE NOW before it is too late. Tpbot.A is a clear and present
danger – don’t risk everything on your hard drive: photos, MP3s, archived e-mails, saved files and more…

Tpbot.A could be in your inbox by the time you go to sleep tonight. Get a good night’s rest. Purchase eTrust EZ Antivirus today for just $29.95.

The eTrust™ Security Team


Ok, isn’t that poorly-written message, um, a little like fear-mongering? If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was one of those circulating hoaxes that tell of certain doom because of a given virus that was found by Microsoft. Computer Associates is supposed to be a reputable company. Why are they acting like the filthiest of rogue anti-spyware software? The ones that say, “You’re infected, you need us now.” Please, guys, leave scare tactics to those who actually need to use them to survive, er, bottom-feed. Let your name stand for itself. If I haven’t renewed your product, I’m a big girl, I can handle the consequences.

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