Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Last Updated on: 30th April 2014, 08:40 am

Why is it these days that people have to make something more complicated than it needs to be? Why can’t something just be what it is? Why does there have to be an excuse? A disorder? Something to explain it all away?

Here’s an example. I met this guy who was…a total asshole! He had no respect for his girlfriend, he was in the military and liked to throw his military weight around, to solve problems, he liked to fight, and he often got barred from places because of this crap. When I described him to another friend, she said, “He must have some self-esteem problems, or he mustn’t be wel.” Ok, maybe he isn’t, but until I see some sign of that from him, the answer is simple! he’s a dick! End of story! Can’t some people just be assholes? We know the world is full of jerks, must their behaviour be explained away? Don’t people have to take responsibility for their own actions anymore? No no no, it’s someone else’s fault, always. I should know that already judghing by the piles of stupid lawsuits out there.

Another thing I heard was some stupidity when that thing happened with that lady they called the runaway bride. Some people were trying to say she did all of that because she had hyperthyroidism. Whatever. Sure a condition can make you do things a little out of wack from the normal you, but the mind in that body has to come up with the idea to run away and lie about getting kidnapped and all of that. That didn’t all just fly out of her overactive thyroid.

The way I see it, people have to earn my understanding to some degree, and if they earn something else before they get that, it’s even harder to sympathize with them. And I’m not going to assume immediately that they’re sick and that’s why they’re doing whatever they’re doing to be a total moron/asshole/idiot/knob. I mean, if I know a person and they’re not usually a dick, then it’s perfectly normal to assume something’s wrong and show concern. But if I meet them on the street and they go above and beyond the call of duty to show me they’re a jerk, then forget it. I’m all for the benefit of the doubt, but some people take that way too far.

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