Spread Your Tiny Wings and Fall Apart.

Last Updated on: 9th July 2018, 08:58 pm

Well I guess this should be expected, knowing how much our military sucks. Yesterday, just while warming up for a show, one of the Snowbirds, ya know, one of the planes supposed to be able to do really cool flips in the air and show off, crashed. While warming up! Isn’t that a fine statement? That conjures up images for me of a runner doing stretches and breaking a leg. At least in the last accident, the things were actually in the middle of a flight. But then again, somebody was killed in the last accident. Thankfully everybody came out ok in this one.

Apparently, like everything else in the military, they’re in need of repair. But things aren’t looking good. I actually saw a guy on the news who said they’re going to run out of spare parts soon. Doesn’t that inspire confidence? And the government doesn’t want to replace the planes for another 15 years. Although I don’t mind them not splurging on the planes, maybe we don’t need our pride repeatedly wounded by more crashes right now, especially since they’re supposed to be a symbol of what we *can* do. Maybe they should just give it a little rest.

As a funny aside, the google ads on the page I linked to cracked me up. Nothing like ads to eliminate your fear of flying on a page about a plane crash.

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