Total Bummer!

Last Updated on: 29th September 2013, 01:59 pm

I got my Rogers bill today, and in it it said I could get a free gift for each of the services I have with them. So I got all excited and went to see what they’re giving away, and it looks like I can’t use any of the stuff they’re giving out.

For cable, they’re trying to get people hooked on digital cable. NO thanks. The box is too damn complicated and there’s too much of a chance for them to change the packages and make the price go up. For internet people, they can get 30 pictures printed for free. Well I can’t really do that. And for the cell phone users, they offered a free polyphonic ringtone or a free graphic. Well my phone can’t do ringtones, and the graphic isn’t gonna work, coach. What the hell is that? A big rich company offers me stuff for free, and I can’t use any of it!

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