Slow the Hell Down!

Last Updated on: 6th March 2014, 03:49 pm

I’m really starting to think we try to pack way way way too much into the day. Either that or we’re getting lazier and lazier. I was watching a show on TV when a commercial came on for something that scared me. It was for premade smoothies from McCain. Does that frighten anyone else? When I think smoothie, I think cool blended fruity creation that I decided to whip up from fresh fruit I had around. Or I think of a drink that’s made in front of me at a coffee shop somewhere. I don’t think crack open a can and drink like pop. I can’t find references to the McCain ones anywhere to find out what’s in them, but I found something similar that apparently started being made a few years ago. It combined some kind of juice and something called veggie milk. Does that scare anyone? These smoothies just seem a little too smooth for my liking.

Then I saw another ad for Uncle Ben’s rice that started off with “Minute rice too complicated?” What? How complicated can adding some rice to some water and cooking be? This new rice came in its own microwavable bowl and the ad bragged about how there were no “pots”. Plural? For some rice? Why in hell would your average person need multiple pots to cook some rice? What is in this rice that makes it even easier to make than minute rice? I can’t seem to find it so I can find out and be scared forever.

It makes me think of what one comedian, Brian Regan, said about the microwave directions on packages of pop tarts. If your life is so busy that you only have time to spare three seconds to nuke the pop tarts, then maybe you should slow down a little. Do we really have to have everything premade? Has anyone noticed that it doesn’t taste nearly as good? Hey I like a little of that stuff, but premade smoothies and minute rice being too complicated? That’s going a little too far I think.

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