Destination Frustration

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:16 am

God damn! I didn’t know a day could be ruined by a 95-k dos, yes, you heard me right, dos game. And to think it all started with a stroll down memory lane. Then I decided, oo I think I’ll idly play this old game I used to play when I had a really slow computer that was lucky if it could handle wordperfect 5.1, just as a bit of amusement. Just imagine the game. It was designed for really slow processors, so the sound effects, which come through the PC speaker I might add, practically don’t even exist when they’re played on today’s computers. But I thought, aa yes, the simple simple games from days of yore. Simple? I challenged the wrong demons of fate.

I started out playing a game called Run for President. It’s kind of like a political monopoly game, only you buy states instead of streets and then whoever manages to get a certain number of votes first wins. I won that one first try. Feeling all invigorated and as if I was game-master, I took on Destination Mars, and oh lord…oh lord.

When did I start this? Can I remember? *brain strains, smoke comes out my ears, more smoke…* I think it was around 10:30 or so. It is now shortly after 2:00. So far, I have crashlanded, exploded, suffocated, been vaporized by aliens, self-destructed due to too much damage, and run out of fuel, most of them multiple times. Who said dos games were simple? *flop*.

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