People are Funny

Last Updated on: 30th October 2013, 09:42 am

I was walking home through this giant pile of slush that is our town right now, and something happened to me that I should have mentioned when I was bitching about the things people do when I’m walking around. I got off the bus, but it had stopped a bit short of the curb. So someone was good enough to warn me about that, which was cool. Now here came the fun. I walked forward and my cane hit a giant bank of snow. As I’m trying to figure out the best way around it, a voice said very slowly, “She’s going to walk into a huge pile of snow!” Ok, instead of taking up play by play commentary, how about saying, “Go left.” or “go right.”

But that one I can sorta understand. Maybe she was thinking out loud, just really….really…slowly. But it made me think about something people do. They love to talk about me in third person when I’m right there. Sometimes it’s to the person I’m with. “Where is she going?” and sometimes it’s to each other. “Look at that girl with the cane. How old do you think she is? Where is she trying to go?” It’s like they think I’m deaf. How about asking me? You might get an intelligent answer.

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