Cut the Drama!

Last Updated on: 19th July 2022, 05:34 am

Does this drive you as nuts as it drives me? You’re scrolling down through your msn contacts. You see people’s names, a lyric or two, a funny quote…and then a complete display of overdone mush! Sometimes it’s something like “I love my honey bunny shnookums buttercup!” or something equally as nauseating. Or, if the flavour of the week didn’t work out for that person, as it’s usually these types who flock to the overdone mush-pot, it’s “Woe is me, there is a whole where my heart once was, oh how will I ever live?” I saw one tonight that brought back why I hate these displays of meaningless sap. It was in French, and the poor unfortunate soul couldn’t even spell. But what he tried to say was “I need a new spirit because this one’s empty.” I called him to see what all the fuss was about. Do you want to know what was wrong? He was just tired because he finished his exams. Wouldn’t “so tired” or “phew I’m done exams” have sufficed? Empty spirit? When I think of empty spirits, I think suicide, depression, horrible family tragedy, or something equally bad. I don’t think semester’s end.

Please, people, save the profound for when it is actually necessary. That way, if something big does happen to you, I’ll actually notice and not think it’s so much neaningless drivel. I get enough pointless sap in the
hug certificates you send me. And don’t use your msn name as a place to proclaim your undying love or infinite heartbreak. I love to hear about it, but not in that way. It’s the electronic equivalent of planting a big sloppy French kiss on your significant other or having a lover’s quarrel in front of a crowd. So disgustingly public!

I’m not saying I don’t like to hear about something that’s going on in people’s lives on msn names. It’s just when it goes right over the top that I get a little fed up. Please, people, cut it out!

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