And I Thought Springer Was Bad!

Last Updated on: 14th March 2014, 10:30 am

My god, TV is just filling up with this crap. It shouldn’t surprise me. Nothing should surprise me anymore. But for some reason, this show did.

I had the TV on in the background, and this show called Cheaters came on. Basically, the premise is people who suspect their significant other is cheating contact the show. Then, the show sends out private investigators to follow the suspected cheater, and of course, the only ones that make it on the show are the ones that get caught. Then, the guy who runs, or at least narrates the program, comes to talk to the cheated on, and shows them the proof. And it doesn’t end there. The narrator then urges the cheated on to confront the cheater. He then contacts the detectives, who inform him that the guilty one just happens to be up to no good at the current moment. So, cheated on and narrator show up in a public place where the cheater is, and make the biggest scene possible.

Ok, first of all, it makes me laugh how these shows all try and make themselves seem like they’re doing good and moral things and they care about the supposed poor unfortunate souls who ask for their help. No no no, we’re not using slime to serve as entertainment. That’s not it at all. We’re trying to save them. Hey, the slime asked for it by coming on the show, but I love how these shows try to make themselves seem like some sort of do-gooders. Cheaters said they did this only to lay bare the pain caused by cheating. No guys, you’re just trying to profit off the worst aspects of people. Springer does it too, going into a big sermon at the end of the show about how they should take care of themselves and each other. But that doesn’t stop him, during the show, from encouraging the audience to yell whore and other insults at the participants.

And then there is the slime themselves. At the beginning of this show, they explain why they think their boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating. By the time they’re done their little monolog, I’m thinking, don’t you have enough stuff on him/her already to confront him/her without having surveillance teams tail cheater and company for days and days? Wouldn’t that be a hell of a lot simpler and more straightforward? I mean, this one woman was having women calling him late at night and the guy would get all sheepish when they’d call. Isn’t that enough to sit down and go, hey dude, I think you’re cheating? Do these people really doubt themselves so much that they need to see pictures? Or do they just like the drama? Do they like to have it rubbed in their faces over and over again? I’m starting to think it’s the second.

So after the cheating suspect gets tailed for a while, there’s the big meeting between the dude from Cheaters and the cheated on, which is filmed. He doesn’t just hand the person the report and say, here’s your stuff. No no no. We get to see the guy showing the stupid idiot the dirty pictures, which we’ve already seen. So we get to see the person either break down or fly into a rage, in public of course.

Then there’s the big confrontation. The part that cracks me up is when they have this little rendezvous, the cheater is *always* having his/her own rendezvous, perfectly timed so they can go make a scene. This makes me wonder if the whole thing is as fake as springer. And they’re never at a motel, or at one of their houses. They’re at a public place like a restaurant, or my personal favourite, buying a Christmas tree. They walk up to them, and screaming ensues. This really tells me they must like drama. I mean, these people forget that not only are they humiliating the cheater, they’re humiliating themselves by airing their own dirty laundry! And maybe I’m weird, but this almost seems worse than the people who get up on talk shows. Yeah, they’re on national TV, but the chances of nextdoor neighbour Joe being home and watching are…possible, but not nearly as likely as him strolling down the street when you’re having this little free-for-all in the mall parking lot. People in the mall parking lot aren’t choosing to watch this crap. They’re just going about their business, and there you are. And it’s likely that they know you.

And that’s not good enough for the narrator guy. he has to get in there and try and ask the cheater questions like, “What were you thinking?” and “How can you explain this?” I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me more angry than an outside person sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

The whole thing, from start to finish, is just so trashy. We don’t need any more of this shit on TV!

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