Happy Election Day

Last Updated on: 18th October 2013, 06:06 pm

Hello, Friends. And Happy Election Day to you all here in Canada.
Let’s talk politics shall we. For those of you not in Canada this will come down to 2 parties. the Liberals and the Conservatives. There’s a third party called the NDP which is way out to the left but they won’t have enough support to make a run at this. the main issues here are an ultra-right wing Harper (leader of conservative party) who is very pro-America against a scandalous Paul Martin (head of Liberal party).
An interesting side note on this before I get in to my opinions. I was just speaking to a friend of mine and we talked about how many people we know that have said they would have voted for the NDP but they know they won’t win. Can’t help but wonder if that stigma about the NDP party could be whiped out and everyone who wanted to vote for them but voted Liberal just to block Conservatives actually did vote NDP if they could actually make a run at it. Maybe not right away but as people started to see the party gain steam maybe they could eventually be a realistic contender. Something to think about.
I voted Liberal to get that out of the way. I don’t think I have the right to get up here and spout off about this without saying what I did. No one is more pissed with the Liberals than I am but I will never be a Conservative and I unfortunately felt I had to vote for the Liberals rather than the NDP to help prevent a majority for the Conservatives. (see above)
It seems to be consensus (with most people that I have spoken to anyway) that we will be looking at a Conservative government. The question will be whether or not it’s a majority. I tend to believe that it will be a minority. I think there are too many Canadians that are too afraid of a majority government that is so pro-Bush. In my opinion, too many Canadians are afraid of heading to Iraq or wherever G.W.’s next crusade is going to be. I think too many Canadians are afraid of what could happen to public health care. I believe that Canada is, and always will be, a more left wing or centrist country. And let’s face it. A Candian centrist is an American left winger so for us to allow a majority right wing government is probably not in the cards here. At least that’s my take.
Lastly – I’d like to say I’m a big fan of the commercials that started before the last American election election and continued for our election north of the border that are all about getting young people to vote. Saying that they dont’ care who you vote for – just vote. All of my friends have been talking about this election as passionately as we argue about the Leafs. it has become important for young people and I think it’s great. So if you haven’t yet – go vote – for anyone. With things being as close as they seem to be this time around – your vote actually might mean something.

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