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Last Updated on: 9th August 2019, 11:47 am

Carin did this and said I had to do it too, so here I go.

Seven things I’d like to do before I die:
1. Go to at least 1 WrestleMania or see 1 wrestling event in Madison Square Garden.
2. Spend some time working in big time commercial radio so that I can get a truly firsthand understanding of what it must feel like to be a disrespected, under-appreciated creatively handcuffed cog in a machine run by idiots who are always looking for a chance to “restructure” me out of the organization with little or no notice. Maybe then I could finally let go of that stupid dream and get on with my life.
3. Play in another band and get a chance to record something that I could actually be proud of.
4. Invent something that people take for granted but would find it hard to get through their daily lives without.
5. Work for myself doing something I love.
6. Have what some people like to call “fuck you money.”
7. Get the chance to explain to 1 specific individual how shittily she treats people and help her understand why manipulating those you claim to care about and doing nice things for others only when there’s some kind of self-benefit involved isn’t going to win her friends or help her keep the ones she has.

Seven things I can’t do:
1. See.
2. Drive. At least not legally or very well.
3. Truly enjoy vegetarian food.
4. Understand the appeal of a lot of what’s on TV these days.
5. Like most of the stuff that passes for music on hit music radio stations.
6. Not laugh at something even if it might not be the most appropriate time to do so. Ok, I can actually do that, but it’s not easy.
7. Chug a beer without stopping.

Seven things I like about blogging:
1. It’s great for people like me who aren’t smart enough to code an entire website by hand.
2. The idea that at any given moment, somebody could be reading something I wrote and maybe even enjoying it.
3. Getting hatemail and compliments from people I don’t know. Funny thing is that there’s actually less of that now even though more people are reading.
4. The ability to look back on things you’ve written months or even years after the fact and think about how much things have changed or stayed the same.
5. The only thing that can stop me from saying something is my own judgment. Ok, that and maybe a server outage or a legal notice.
6. Believe it or not, there’s actually a wee bit of money involved.
7. It’s a better way to channel your negative feelings than oh I dunno, let’s say killing people.

Seven things I say a lot:
1. Fuck that noise.
2. Not so much.
3. Are you high?!
4. I’m hearin’ your noise.
5. Well my friend…
6. I can’t be assed to do that.
7. You know…

Seven Books I’m a fan of:
1. Stupid White Men. Michael Moore can be a bit extreme at times, but like him or not, he makes some good points.
2. Arrogance. Again, Bernard Goldberg can be a bit extreme, but there are still some good points to be made here and it’s a pretty well-written book.
3. When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?
4. Braindropppings.
5. Napalm & Silly Putty. Yes, the last 3 are all by George Carlin.
6. 1984.
7. The Matarese Countdown.

Seven movies I like enough to watch over and over again:
Ok, I’m about to break a rule here. I’m going to do TV shows instead of movies. I’m doing this because I find that a lot of movies these days have a tendency to suck bowls of dick soup through a straw, and even the ones I’ve really dug can’t come close to Happy Gilmore for repeated watchability. So since doing a list of 7 that I claim to like that much would just be plain dishonest, the small screen it is.

1. Cold Case Files.
2. American Justice.
3. This Hour Has 22 Minutes. No matter who’s in the cast, it’s always been funny.
4. The Local News.
5. Cops.
6. To Serve And Protect. I wasn’t very nice to that show in the past, and for that I’m sorry. Definitely one of the best TV shows ever.
7. The Royal Canadian Air Farce. Not as funny as it used to be but still pretty great.

Seven people that I’m going to make do this just like I had to:
This is a hard one. Kind of makes me wish that I cared what other people thought about things. Ok, I’ll pick 2, and if anybody else wants to join in, you can feel free to send it to me and I’ll think about posting it for you, that could be fun.

Now for my victim…er…um…lucky friends.

1. Matt if he wants to. Do it man, that’ll mean all 3 of us will have done it.
2. Tim because he’s an interesting guy and I’d like to see what he might come up with.

Ok, I think that’s everything. I’m sure one of us will be back sooner or later with something, and until then, feel free to check out all of the new links we put up

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