Pointless Bitchy Whining Of The Day

Last Updated on: 26th March 2014, 02:51 pm

So as I said in my earlier post, one of the keys to blogging for me is to kill boredome. So this will do that for me and inflict it for you as I’m basically just going to whine like a little bitch with a skinned knee.

So I had an unpleasant laundry incident today. I was given the day off from class as my only one for the day was cancelled so I figured I would do my laundry to which I had tons. Now normally I do it on the weekend which seems to be the same time that everyone else in our building does it so it’s impossible to get a machine and you get the lovely people that will throw your stuff on the ground if you’re not there the second the buzzer goes. But today I walked in and it was empty (being a Wednesday afternoon I shouldn’t be surprised) so I thought I was in for a good day. I got 3 machines to myself which was going to certainly shorten the ammount of time I was gonna have to spend there. So I put it all through and then put it all in the dryers.
I went back to my appartment to wait and went back down to empty my 3 dryers. Still no one around. Awesome. No forced small talk and no guilt about using 3 machines. Not that that was a problem. There were like 5 more empty ones. I took all my stuff out of the first two with no problems and in unloading the third one I noticed that half the stuff was still wet. Not damp. Wet. So whatever. it’s piece of shit public machines – it’s not surprising. So I spent another 1.50 to put it through again and took the other stuff back to my room.
So I went back again and it was STILL wet. Not as bad. But still. So obviously I figured I’m not gonna pay again for it and took it back to my room and hung it up – but damn that pisses me off – especially when you’re paying out the ass to use it.
That’s it. told you it was pointless. Ha! That’s 5 minutes of your life you’re never getting back.

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