Steve. You Bitch

Last Updated on: 27th February 2014, 05:44 pm

Fuck You Steve. Fuck you alot.

Seven Things I’d Like To Do Before I Die
1. 2012 London Olympic Games
2. See the Leafs win a Cup (might be the most unlikely on my list)
3. Attend a WM (had tickets to 18 but had to pass them off cuz of something I couldn’t get out of)
4. Visit NYC
5. work on the FAN590
6. Meet Justin Sane
7. Kick Steve in the stones

Seven Thing I Can’t Do
1. See the Leafs winning a cup in my leaftime.
2. stand Emo kids.
3. remember to update this page on a regular basis (luckily there are 2 talented people still doing it)
4. get too close to vomit. it creates a larger vomit problem
5. Believe it’s not butter.
6. stop ’till i get enough
7. wait to be king.

Seven Things I Like About Bloggin
1. Well with this blog in particular I can go months at a time without posting and it magically still gets updated. lol
2. it’s a place for those of us not talented enough to get writing jobs a place to still spout our worthless opinions.
3. Hate mail
4. Cures boredome
5. Somehow this has survived about 3 years now.
6. Ability to go back and see what was happening in the past.
7. It’s free!

Seven Things I Say Alot
1. No worries
2. Later dayzzzzz (don’t ask lol)
3. Steve sucks
4. Fuck Steve
5. Steve’s an ass
6. Steve the ass shoe
7. more random steve bashing

Seven Books I’m a Fan Of (this may be hard to fill)
1. Stupid White Men
2. Dude. Where’s My Country?
3. House Of Bush – House Of Saud
4. Lord Of The Flies (say what you want – a classic)
5. Go Dog Go
6. the Boy On Defense
7. 100 Reasons to hate Steve (Volume 1)

Seven Movies I Like Enough to Watch Over and Over
1. Clerks
2. Mallrats
3. Chasing Amy
4. Dogma
5. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
6. Clerks 2 (I assume. will know soon enough)
7. Robin Hood – Men In Tights

Seven People I Will Make Do this
I refuse to inflict this upon anyone else.

Guess that’s it. Once again. Fuck Steve.

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